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Part-Time Vacancy

Ayrshire Self-Service Launderette are looking to employ a part-time member(s) of staff to work in our launderette.

Responsibilities will include, but not limited to:

  • Opening/Closing of the shop

  • Cleaning the shop; mopping, sweeping, wiping down of surfaces and machines, emptying bins

  • Cleaning the machines and removing the build up of lint from the lint filters in our dryers

The right candidate will take pride in their cleanliness as we want to keep the standards of our shop high; so it is viewed as a spotless environment for our customers. Additionally, good time-keeping is a must, so the shop will be opened and closed on time. This is very important for our customers satisfaction and also for insurance and security purposes. 


  • The successful candidate will work 11 hours per fortnight. This was the working rotation beforehand. The successful candidate will work a similar rotation but schedule will be altered when the person is taken on board and we will work a new schedule around both our employees.

Rates of Pay

  • £9.50 per hour

Interested candidates should forward a copy of their CV to (please take care when writing email as spelling errors will result in us not receiving your CV)

No closing date for applications has been set as of yet.

Vacancy Rotation.png
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