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Survey Feedback

Below is our response to some feedback we received from our most recent customer satisfaction survey.

Opening Times

89% of responses indicated they were happy with the current opening times. Therefore for the near future opening times will remain 10am - 8pm 7-says a week. We will look into opening earlier and later one-day a week in the future.

"Sometimes it difficult to get change, why not install a coin machine"

Definitely something we will look into. However, these can be expensive to purchase and install so it will not be introduced for the near future. Once we are on more steady ground with some money to spend we will look into installing something like this.

"I think you would benefit from having another large washing machine and dryer."

We have room to expand on the current machines and will definitely look to do this. However, they are very expensive and we need to pay off the first batch of machines first before being able to afford finance on any expansions. 

"Another sorting table at the other end of the shop."

This is a great idea we will look into getting one ordered.

"The floor needs a good clean, Mats in front of the machines were better"

The mats were removed for health and safety reasons as a customer slipped on one of them. The floor is swept and mopped every day albeit heavily marked from previous tenants. We have contacted a professional cleaning company to see if they can do a deep scrub of the floor to remove as much as the embedded dirt as possible. Hoping this can be completed by the end of January / start of February.

Thanks you for all your feedback and the lovely comments saying how

much you have enjoyed the shop since opening. Much appreciated.

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