Q. Is washing powder provided?

A. No, we used to leave some out with an honesty box for new customers or people whom forget but unfortunately this service was abused (stolen honesty box and people letting their kids throw pods about causing a mess)

Q. Will you be providing washing powder etc. in the future?

A. At the moment we have no plans for this. We may consider installing a vending machine to facilitate this if there is demand and we can afford to install one.

Q. Do your machines accept bank cards or paper money?

A. No our machines are only coin operated.

Q. Is there a change machine at your facility?

A. No, this is something we may look to install in the future if we can afford it. However, we are aware of security issues; as having a lot of cash stored in one machine may make it an easy target.

Q. Can you fit duvets in your machines?

A. Yes, our largest washing machine can comfortably fit a king size duvet and the dryers are also large enough to dry a king sized. Smaller duvet sizes can fit in the medium washing machine for a £1 less.